Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Murder mystery

It was a cold,rainy night. The wind was howling and the local stray dogs were barking and whining all throughout the night but that was the least of anyones worries.

The year was 1832 and all seemed calm in london, the streets were booming with life every day so it would be a race to the market before all the fresh and best items were gone but everyone who came was surprised to find no one was there, the stands were there but no one was there to greet them hello or anything so the crowd that came every morning just left without saying anything or giving a second thought to what happened. The townspeople were still befuzzled about the market incident but mostly all of them just shrugged it off while some still stayed curious. They came back the next day to find the exact same thing the stands were there but still no people so they just left like the other day except for one. The one person who stayed behind searched the empty stands looking for clues but that was a waste of time it was like if no one was ever there before so the search continued to the nearby homes to find out if anything strange has happened, the first home looked new and very clean. So the brave young soul knocked on the door to which there was no reply so a second knock later and finally someone came to answer. The door flew open and revealed who was on the other side it was a tall, hairy man and at first glance you could see that his clothes were torn in some areas and others were covered in dirt. The shocked young women asked if the man has seen anything mysterious happen recently which was replied with a "no" but then the man asked her a question afterwards, what was her name and her response was "Victoria,Victoria Elswood.


  1. Great setting the scene Keane and good use of sophisticated language.

  2. that was some pretty good writing I could really see the scene