Saturday, 14 March 2015

Legend of the phantom ship

I've always heard legends as a child,ones about monsters,heros and haunted stuff but my favourite would have to be the one about the phantom ship.

The legends said that the phantom ship was the secret weapons of the allies to win the war,its original name was the S.S shooting star and when it was sent to find its assigned targets it never returned,search parties were sent to bring it back to its home turf,America but not even a scrap of the millon doller ship came back. There have been theories of what happened to it one of which was that there were explosives hidden on board but none of them were ever proven to be true or false. Fast forward the story five years into the future and you will see that there have been sightings of the phantom ship all over the world,but how does it travel across the globe you may ask well the reports say that the ship travels under and over the water as if were stuck between two worlds,never truly whole. People have said that it has even fired at the shore for no apperent reason.

I never believed in these legends,i always thought they sounded insane and the people who told them to me even looked insane but still the only reason i even paid any attention was because i was bored,I had nothing to do, imagine a child without any imagination what so ever was given the chance to believe he was living in a world with magic,with Fairys,Goblens and adventure but anyway as i said i was young back then and its not like the stories were ever true right?

P.S sorry if there are any typos in the story and if there are any in this sentence BYE!!!!!!!

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  1. Fantastic structure Keane, remember you need to write about what your goal was and how you achieved your goal.