Monday, 16 March 2015


It was just a averege day in my book,no one but me just walking in the autemm woods until a massive cloud of smoke covered the sky,I decided to see what was causing it. I finally arived at the source of the smoke,it was a train of some sorts BAMMMM!! I then suddenly saw the logo the logo that was stickered on my body,after a long hard thought a chose to jump a board and see were it lead so i climbed into the train and suddenly I felt etremely sleepy...
I awoke to find that the train stopped at a gigantic warehouse i took one step out,feeling very nervous,then another BAMMMM!!!! A very bright light appeared in the left hand corner of my eye i turned to see what is was but i just maneged to get a glimps of it before it charged at me at full speed,I thought I was done for when all of a sudden it turned and entered the train,coming back out with some large boxes,another one came right infront of me but it drove straight above me
and like the other one it exited with alot more boxes,i thought to myself should i keep going on and enter the warshouse or should i just go back into the forest,I made the right choice and decided to walk back into the forest.

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