Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Character comes to life.

Think about your favourite character from your favourite book and imagine as if they were standing right beside you, what would the be seeing, what would the be saying and what would the be doing.

Well I chose Ralph from "The Lord Of The Flies" and as soon as I chose him I realised that he would start freaking out like I mean he would start like crying at one point. Since he is focused about leaving the island so much in the book He would probably be angry because he was the only one who got off the island. He would be seeing our classroom and maybe the rest of our school. He would be asking about how he got here and where was his dad. He would also probably start spouting out some language that I can't write on this. Ralph would probably be feeling a variety of feelings but especially confusion. Well at least that's what I think will happen if Ralph was standing right beside me.

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