Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Lord Of The Flies

first first Chapter one,
Chapter one shows all the characters, how they feel about what happened and how they give each other roles like the main character, Ralph is the main leader while Jack (who is another main character) is the leader of the choir (they're the hunters) and role has a important part like the choirs role is to hunt for food and to protect and the littluns from the beast (littlun means the younger children and the beast is an imaginary monster that the children fear). This paragraph also shows their descent into chaos and how they all form their own society.

Chapter two,
Chapter two explains how, even if the boys try to do everything right they still can't help themselves when it comes to savagery and long term teamwork. The boys (during the chapter) start a signal fire but it turns into a massive forest which apparently kills one of the boys which shows that they can't rely on themselves for that long.
All and all it was a pretty interesting chapter because it showed how the characters would act if they were the only ones there to look after each other.

Chapter three
This chapter just shows how they are getting along and what is currently happening, also the characters have like a frenemy thing going on between each like in the text it says and quote "they looked at each other,baffled,in love and hate. All the warm salt water of the bathing pool and the shouting and splashing were only just sufficient to bring them together again."
This chapter was one of the normal chapters were nothing really exciting happened which really surprised me.

Chapter 4
Chapter 4 just shows how they act when nothing has happened and how they have changed since their plane crashed.
This was another chapter where nothing that exciting happened but it still interested by showing how the boys have grown from children to wild adults mentally.

Chapter 5
This chapter explains how all the responsibilities are getting to Ralph and it is made worse when he is given more tasks to do and a lot of the survivors don't follow his rules like they used to.
I enjoyed this chapter because it has a sense of reality that really hits you hard.

Chapter 6
Chapter 6 is the chapter where the book really starts to explain their fear of the beast and how much Jack wants to murder it.
This chapter was a short one but it had a lot of information which was helpful while reading it

Chapter 7
Chapter 7 shows how Ralph is starting to change because since he saved himself from a charging pig his ego received a major boost. This chapter also shows how everyone is starting to get along but very slowly and how all the responsibilities are starting to fade away slowly in Ralph's mind.
I enjoyed this chapter because of all the exciting stuff that has happened in it and i have started to notice that the chapters are now making the characters seem more like boys then bloodthirsty savages.

Chapter 8
Chapter 8 is the chapter where everyone starts to realize how important it is to work together and it is also the chapter where Jack starts to become even more obsessed with the beast.

I'm really interested in this chapter because the characters become more serious instead of being immature children who fight for control.

Chapter nine
This the chapter where Simon realises that the beast on the mountain was actually a dead parachutist. While Simon is with the dead parachutist everyone else is with Jack, enjoying pig meat and drinks. Ralph and Piggy walk in and everyone goes silent, but instead of telling them to go away Jack ordered them food, then the rain comes and everyone starts to do dance. Simon runs in yelling about the beast and a dead guy and he runs in the middle of the dance,
Chapter 9 is the chapter where I was shocked about how gruesome it would become.

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 is where everything starts to collapse like their society.
Personally the chapters are starting to become boring in my opinion because I feel like the author used all the best bits to early.

Chapter 11
Piggy gets hit by a rock and dies.

Chapter 12
This is the chapter where they get rescued.
I thought it was an amazing book so I was kind of sad when it ended

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  1. This is an impressive chapter by chapter summary Keane. You have worked very hard and included your personal reflections about the characters and the story. I look forward to continuing to read more about your learning on this blog.