Thursday, 27 August 2015

Book Review

   Book Review

Skulduggery Pleasant, author Derek Landy, genre Fantasy.

Skulduggery pleasant is a story about stephanie edgley, a girl who dreams of more in her life but she doesn't realise that her wish would come true. Stephanie's uncle had just died and she inherited his estate and all of his fortune for he was a writer. The one night she was allowed to stay at his estate all by herself a strange man tried to break into her house and he did. Unknown to her this was the night she would meet Skulduggery pleasant, detective and secretly a magic skeleton. She gets caught up in his world where she always has to look behind her back. The only thing that is keeping her safe ( or relatively close to) is skulduggery pleasant until she figures out she can do magic. So she and skulduggery become partners and solve crimes and save the world, cheesy I know.

The book was good because it was very descriptive and the author made it seem as if the characters were real people, people who had feelings and attitudes. The book was also bad because of the words the author used, they would be to advanced for some people and he also over explained some events.  

The theme of the book is magic and I do think that the author was trying to give a message which was that there is a world of magic right under your nose. The point of the book was to share an amazing story that Derek wrote. The author was trying to communicate that not everything you know is true. I think that this is smart because it tells the reader that they have to know what is true and false.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a story with great description, detailed characters and an amazing story.
Anyone can read this but they have to know a wide variety of words and their meaning.      

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