Monday, 21 September 2015

Bucket list

Wing Suit

To use a wingsuit and glide down a massive structure or a mountain seemed like a lot of fun from a bystander's point of view but when you are about to take of you start to regret your decision. It's 4:AM and I have to go for a test run to get myself ready for when I go down MT. Cook. I have to go to an indoor skydiving place for about an hour to see if I encounter any problems. Afterwards I'll have to go down to watch a safety video for the do's and dont's of wingsuiting.

Now the time has come and this is not at all what I was expecting. I had to drive up MT.Cook and wait at the summit for the perfect weather conditions and that took a while, if I had to say it probably took about 2 and a half hours. I now have to just stand at the very edge of the platform I was on for when I was given the signal to jump. As soon as jumped it felt like all the blood from my legs just evaporated and the only thing I can do about it is if I close my eyes but that would probably be the worst thing to do so instead of that I'll just try to go with the flow(you get it, flow as in the air current, oh nevermind!!) Which is quite hard to do.

I finally stop and I'm thankful that I'm on solid ground. All I want to do now is sit down and rest because that just drained all of my energy. I try to sit down but then I was hit by a strange sensation, as if I got pins and needles on my head, then everything turned fuzzy and everyone sounded as if theirs mouths were full of saliva when they tried to talk to me. The next I knew I was on a bed with a bright light burning my eyes, I instantly thought of that clićhe "walk into the light so I tried but instead of going to heaven I just fell of the bed. So while I was on the ground I looked around and saw a doctor talking to one of my friends. When they both saw me they ran and lifted me back on to the bed. After they did a couple of tests they asked if I had fun and I replied with "yes but I am never going to do that again!".

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