Monday, 30 November 2015

Christmas, the deceiving holiday

Christmas, the one day of the year when we come together and celebrate the love of Jesus but when you hear the word christmas what do you actually think of. Presents,food and hosting extravagant parties and most of all santa but what if I told you those are the things that are killing christmas.

For instance,Santa is someone everyone knows but I bet that you didn’t know that he was actually a real person named Nicolas but now he Is a saint so make that let's make that St. Nicolas, so what he did was put toys in the shoes of children but now the world has changed his image of a jolly fat man who travels around the world using reindeer to fly and delivering toys to all the good kids while giving coal to all the bad kids, not to mention that he does it in one night. If you compare these two together I’m guessing that your image of him will change and you will think that he is the imagination of a seven year old.

Anyway getting away from the topic that could ruin someone's childhood the thought of receiving presents on someone else's birthday is crazy right well that’s what’s happening here because christmas is meant to be the day where we celebrate the birth of Jesus but nope instead it’s about gifts, spectacular parties, horrible sweaters and eggnog and fruitcake, ugh(no offence to anyone who loves fruit cake ;). I think that you would enjoy celebrating with your family more than all of these things combined

Getting presents isn’t actually bad but it wouldn’t hurt to share what you have with others since there are people who aren't getting present why not get them one and while you do that you should also donate to a charity that you think has a really good because it’s better to give than receive. Think about it what would make you happier, getting a present for yourself and experience the feeling you get every year or get one for the people who haven’t experienced it at all, see the second option sounds so much better.

What I’m trying to say is that this christmas don’t give into the lies that companies are pouring out and celebrate what’s  really important, family and sharing what you have to others so that they can do the same and spread the love of jesus with the whole world.

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