Monday, 16 May 2016

Catholic schools day

So to clarify why this picture is here, well it's because this is one of the games that the year 8s ran for catholic schools day may 16th since some classes didn't have a teacher for a day. The game here is our version of the hunger games where we use balls instead of bows,spears,swords,axes etc. Jack, Noah, Halalova and Tristan were in charge of this game but I joined in later because Me and Duran found out that that no one was going to becoming to our game since we weren't even put on the list so we just joined other groups. After I joined this rag tag group I found out that it was harder to manage this game then it looked, like for example when people were playing you also had to play to so you had to actually try a lot since if you didn't you would be pelted with balls from all angles. The second reason was because we were given 11 balls and we had to keep all 11 and that also proved to be a challenge since the balls were being thrown everywhere and some of them even all the way across the field we were on. After all the chaos we went to the basilica to have a joint mass with St Kevin's to celebrate catholic schools day and that's really all that happened for me and to think it was only yesterday.

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